7 Insane Things Girls Do After A Breakup….

7 Insane Things Girls Do After A Breakup…..

Dealing with a breakup is scary and confusing.Girls are more emotional and they trust the people blindly..After brake up with her boy friend girls emotionally  and mentally broke down… They can not come out that situation easily they took long time and they behave like a fool some times…Most of the times girls try to kill them self’s…This kind of situations happens frequently in society…so here i am going to post some Insane things girls do after brake up…so if you are finding this kind of behavior in our loved once try to communicate with them and spend some Quality time with them because life is too shot…

Most of the Girls do this things  after Brake up….

 This post is specially for Girls….Girls don’t do this kind of stupid things….we have a lot of choices to design our life’s..if some one brake up with relation ship let them go….Relationships need trust and caring and lot of emotional bonding….so LET THEM GO…..DO PARTY AND ENJOY THE LIFE….

1.Cut our hair

We do weird things with our hair after a breakup….

2.Tell everyone how our ex was a loser…

3.Eat unreasonable amounts of junk food

4.Got a Tattoo…

5.Get drunk

6.Threw out everything and moved to another city

She Tried to Kill Herself…





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