The Best Happy birthday brother…..

The Best Happy birthday brother…..

My brother is not only my brother…he is my dad and my first best friend and my bodygourd also.he is the one i can fight and and play the games.there’s no buddy like my brother in this day my brother i am trying to express my love and affecion by posthing this post in to my page..some intresting and funny facts about my between me and brother is loud,rough,mesy ,sweet and unique fun forever…
i have a so many reasons to love my brother…his sense of humar….he has a unique humar..his sense of adventre..most of the times he can plan and implement the plns and have management skills alot.he loves cartoons and he always facinated about the cartoons and he have a clear detailed discription about the every charectors in cartoons…most of the times i can create a new charectors and write the stories….his love for reading…every day night my borthers reads stories for me and shares the knowledge…most of the times i feel my brother can answer any questions..his blunt and honest … he can’t give the false information he is honest..i love this qualitys in my brother…

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I pray to God that all your birthday wishes and dreams may come true.


I hope happiness, love and laughter fulfill your every day with the warmth of your loved ones. Have a superb birthday man.


All the best for your birthday, have a real blast with an awesome party. Happy birthday king!


How can I forget your support and boost in my hour of need? Thank you for being such a good friend, have the best birthday ever.

Happy birthday, wishes do not only suggest that a person is wishing you, it also means they remember your special day and took the time out to make it even more special for you. Happy birthday.


You are as  cheerful and bright as a butterfly and may your life be the same. Happy birthday.
. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday to the nicest person I ever came across. You deserve all the happiness in this world. May you be blessed with love and prosperity.


God has made and sent his most beautiful asset on earth on this day. Happy birthday to you.


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