“Friendship never ends”Quotes….

“Friendship never ends”Quotes….

“Friendship never ends,” the Spice Girls told us on their breakthrough single, and while they went on indefinite hiatus in 2000, seemingly contradicting that super-positive “girl power” message, they’ve since regrouped a couple of times, most recently for a performance at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Technically, these gals weren’t lying. Friendship doesn’t end, but it does take breaks.

When the drugs run out, and there’s nothing to distract from the fact you’re not 20 anymore, and you can no longer rage into the wee hours — that’s when you find out who your real friends are. Props to James Murphy for realizing this and writing a killer seven-minute party jam about it.

Friendship, like forgiveness, modesty and tolerance, is a concept which we all instinctively recognize but which buckles under the pressure of philosophical definition.one may “friend” a complete stranger on Facebook.

A thread joins together Aristotle’s statement in the Nicomachean Ethics – “his friend is another self” – to Cicero in De Amicitia – “in the face of a true friend we see a second self” – to Montaigne writing “if anyone urges me to tell why I loved him, I feel it cannot be expressed but by answering: Because it was he, because it was myself”.



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