Inspiring Self-Esteem Quotes To Remind You To Love Yourself…..

Inspiring Self-Esteem Quotes To Remind You To Love Yourself ……

Welcome to self esteem quotes. Inspiring Self-Esteem quotes are the most powerful quotes to change life and how to improve the self confidence.parents, friends and family support gives the motivation to the younger generations.Now a days most of the youngsters life depends upon the family i am posting  some inspiring self-Esteem quotes about the younger generations to change the thinking and how to improve them self without depending on others.

this Inspiring Self-Esteem Quotes To Remind You To Love Yourself….post images taken by the google….





You may have been taught from an early age that focusing on yourself was selfish, but that is incorrect; it is self-love.

I am still naturally self-interested, overconfident, full of pride, and eager to control a meeting as any CEO in America. Every day, I struggle with my ego.”

“Sure I am a religious man who is also passionate about conserving the environment. But I am also a CEO, with all the bad habits and attitudes that are natural to the species. . . .



“Beware of endeavoring to become a great man in a hurry. One such attempt in ten thousand may succeed. These are fearful odds.”
— Benjamin Disraeli

“Let me . . . ; remind you that it is only by working with an energy which is almost superhuman and which looks to uninterested spectators like insanity that we can accomplish anything worth the achievement. Work is the keystone of a perfect life. Work and trust in God.”
— Woodrow Wilson

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”
— Aristotle

“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound. The man who does not shrink from self-crucifixion can never fail to accomplish the object upon which his heart is set. This is true of earthly as of heavenly things.

“Nothing is more harmful to the service, than the neglect of discipline; for that discipline, more than numbers, gives one army superiority over another.”
— George Washington

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